Consumable Automated Outreach & Saved Time with Revscale AI

Revscale helped Rob Manoff, from Consumable, address his challenges and achieve his objectives in regards to growing & sustaining his pipeline. Rob was spending a significant amount of time manually conducting outreach on LinkedIn and was seeking a more efficient method to generate new clients. By leveraging Revscale's solutions, Rob successfully automated his outreach process, save time, and increase the number of meetings he had.

Rob's main objective was to acquire new clients for his business, Consumable. He recognized the need to streamline his outreach efforts and reduce the time spent on manual tasks. Rob wanted to leverage Revscale's tools to automate his outreach process, engage in meaningful conversations, and ultimately close deals. Additionally, Rob saw the potential for long-term collaboration with Revscale and expressed interest in becoming an investor based on the value he saw in the product.

Consumable was founded with the mission of working with Internet publishers directly to bring them marketing solutions that will provide new and exciting content for their audience, which is then integrated with digital marketing programs to help drive new revenue for publishers in order to enable their Clients grow and invest in their sites, apps, and other programs.

Implementation: Rob signed up for Revscale and began utilizing the platform to automate his outreach process. By leveraging Revscale's AI capabilities, Rob was able to significantly reduce the time he spent on manual outreach on LinkedIn. He was able to establish meaningful connections and engage in conversations with potential clients more efficiently.

Key Metrics: To evaluate the success of Revscale's solutions and measure Rob's progress, the following key metrics were considered:

New connections made: Since starting with Revscale, Rob has made 279 new connections on LinkedIn, representing an expanded network and potential client base. These connections allow him to reach a broader audience and increase his chances of generating new clients.

Positive responses: Rob experienced a significant number of positive responses to his outreach efforts. Within a two-week period, he received 13 positive replies, followed by 9 positive replies the next week, and 8 positive replies in the subsequent week. These positive responses indicate effective engagement and the potential for future business opportunities.

Time saved: By leveraging Revscale's automation capabilities, Rob saved a substantial amount of time that would have been spent on manual outreach tasks. The efficient streamlining of his outreach process allowed him to focus on higher-value tasks and prioritize meaningful conversations with potential clients.

Success Story: Rob's journey with Revscale has resulted in significant time savings and increased engagement with potential clients. While he has not yet closed any deals, he recognizes the value of the AI-driven outreach process. The automation provided by Revscale has allowed Rob to focus his efforts on building relationships and having discussions with potential clients, rather than spending hours on manual outreach.

"The time-saving capabilities of Revscale have been game-changing for my business. I can now spend my time engaging with potential clients and nurturing meaningful relationships, rather than getting lost in the manual outreach process," says Rob Manoff, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Consumable.

Furthermore, Rob saw the potential for further collaboration with Revscale beyond the current capabilities, and asked if he could participate in any upcoming capital raises that Revscale may be taking on. Since then, Rob has become an investor in Revscale, as he believes there is room for continued innovation and automation to meet the evolving needs of businesses like his.

Revscale's solutions have positively impacted Rob Manoff's and Consumable's business by automating his outreach process and saving him valuable time. While Rob has not yet closed any deals, he recognizes the long-term benefits of the AI-driven outreach and the potential for future growth. As an investor, Rob looks forward to seeing further advancements in Revscale's product and leveraging the platform to continue improving his client acquisition efforts.

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